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Salty Sea Dog
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Fish have never been so plentiful off the coast of Sydney as they were in Winter 2019, never had I seen such a dense bait-ball as I did this late-April morning. Sadly no predators, but a sight to behold none-the-less!

Bring some of mother nature's goodness into your home, available with or without a frame.

Size Paper size Image size (within mount)
XL  610mm X 910mm 500mm X 700mm
500mm X 700mm
400mm X 500mm
M 400mm X 500mm 300mm X 400mm
S 300mm X 400mm 210mm X 300mm
All photos are available on request and can be printed in a range of sizes, with framing if required. The sizes are completely customisable, so if you want a different size to those listed, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm always open to questions so please send any enquiries through to nick@saltyseadog.sydney