Pacific Tranquility
Pacific Tranquility

Pacific Tranquility

Salty Sea Dog
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This beautiful spot is just a short boat ride off the coast of the relative hustle and bustle of Gizo, in the Solomon Islands. The island is run by locals and offers a rare escape from our modern lives, with the sounds of birds, fish and hermit crabs and the stars shining bright over Kolombangara (the volcanic island on the horizon) the only distractions.

Bring some of this Pacific paradise into your home, available with or without a frame.

Size Paper size Image size (within mount)
XL  610mm X 910mm 500mm X 700mm
500mm X 700mm
400mm X 500mm
M 400mm X 500mm 300mm X 400mm
S 300mm X 400mm 210mm X 300mm
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