I'm Nick Holton, an ocean storyteller, videographer & photographer based in Sydney, Australia and determined to tell stories of adventure, hope and natural beauty.

I've always harboured a deep connection with the ocean, finding it my strongest source of peace, strength, inspiration and adventure.

My deepest connection of all though, is with the awe-inspiring wildlife that call our blue planet their home. From the smallest sea-horse to the mightiest marine mammals; the variety, personality and sheer unpredictability of our oceans and their inhabitants never cease to inspire.

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I grew up in the South West of England, just south of the beautiful city of Bath. A picturesque part of the world but desperately lacking when it comes to the big salt. However, despite living many hours drive from the nearest beach I was lucky enough to spend many summer holidays out on the ocean; exploring the south coast of the UK, the Channel Islands & Northern France.

My parents are ocean-lovers & both lived (and continue to live) lives full of travel and adventure - it was therefore unsurprising when, in 2014, my (now) wife and I made the move to Australia in search sun, sea and adventure.


Growing up with an obsession for all things Attenborough, the coast of Australia is a gold mine of natural beauty that once seemed so out of reach as BBC Earth brought scene after scene of extraordinary natural beauty to our TVs in the UK.

That gold mine is now right on our doorstep and I'm incredibly grateful for that. Living on the coast of Sydney even a dull, cold winter day is full of magic as tens of thousands of humpbacks migrate north each year.


My mission is to share my love of the ocean and of adventure with people around the globe, inspiring compassion and adoration for our beautiful blue planet and those that call it home.

Whether the stories I'm telling come from Australia's shores, the deep blue sea or from further afield...


Naturally my love of the ocean and exploration has inspired me to travel to many weird and wonderful destinations.

As a full-time 9-5 employee for a brilliant Australian business I'm eager to illustrate that in a world of high-paced jobs, inescapable bills and over-crowded "Insta-destinations" there are still adventures and wildlife encounters to be had that will blow you away!


So I love the ocean, I love to travel and I LOVE wildlife...

But what brings it all together for me is the challenge of capturing each in a way that engages, delights and enthuses through video and photography.

One of my favourite aspects of that challenge is the variety of tools available to us in the modern world, tools that allow me to shoot from the land, under water and, of course, the sky above!

With over 6 years' experience as a drone photographer/videographer and endless hours shot on land and underwater under my belt I pride myself on using every angle at my disposal to do some form of justice to our beautiful planet.