About Me

The name 'Salty Sea Dog' derives from a love of being salty, sandy and sun-kissed. The aim is to capture that feeling in all my photographs.

I’m Nick Holton, the man behind the photos. As well as being a photographer, I'm also a part time surfer & artist...and full-time hater of socks.

Having lived in Sydney for over 7 years, I'm still struck with its natural beauty on a daily basis. I'm completely and utterly in love with the ocean; the waves, the marine life and the beaches. I've always been obsessed with photography and found my calling in 2017 when I invested in a drone that has allowed me to capture what I love from a whole new perspective.

My vision is to spread that love for the ocean with the world and inspire us to help save it.

All photos on this site are available on request, printed on a high quality stock and framed by local professionals and signed by me, with love.

I also keep a travel blog and, despite working 9-5 in Sydney, love to get away on adventures as regularly as possible (much to the bemusement of my boss!).

Thanks to my parents, I’ve always had a passion for travelling and my ambition, set in 2013, is to visit a new country every year for the rest of my life (edit: let's just ignore 2020 & 2021!). I love to see my photography brighten up a home and hope you enjoy watching my collection grow as I aim to fulfil my ambition.