Extending from the fine art prints that initially formed the core of Salty Sea Dog, I also offer a range of photography services that range from capturing romantic surprises to newborn bundles of joy, personal surf-shoots, jaw-dropping construction and corporate portfolios.

Check out some of my work below!


Engagement Shoots

One of those incredibly special moments in life, bending the knee and making the decision to spend the rest of it with the one you love. I've been lucky enough to have been asked to covertly film numerous proposals around Australia, providing a beautiful, tangible take on the moment to share with those that are dearest.

Capturing and editing the footage and photos myself, I can provide you with a professional, heart-warming video and set of hi-res photos within 24 hours!

Thinking of popping the question to the special person in your life!? Drop me a message and we might just be able to capture it in all its glory!

Beautiful Bondi

Coupled-up Coogee

Lord Howe Island

Sydney Harbour Romance in the Rain

Real Estate & Construction

Got a place to rent? A place to sell? Or a construction project underway that just needs to be documented? 

A combination of aerial and hand-held photography and videography can go a long way. Flexible, fast and with a focus on a stunning outcome, I might be the man for the job! I'm always happy to talk, so just drop me a message and we can make the magic happen!

Bronte Pod Construction 

Surf/Just for Fun

Whether a gift for a friend or just to treat yourself, it's always nice to have a few snaps from that magical time spent in the drink. A selection of footage or stills from land, sea or air can be tailored based on your needs for a 1-2 hour shoot with quick, professional editing for speedy results.

Surf Collage

Brand & Around the Workplace 

If you're after a set of photos or a video that do justice to the brand that you work so hard on, then look no further.

I offer flexibility and quick turnaround on photos and video that will help capture the unique essence of your brand.

Jerome Smith Osteopath

Collage of Osteopath at work

Two Football Guys

Collage of Two Football Guys Brand Shoot

Spooked Kooks

Spooked Kooks Brand Collage

Baby Portraits & Special Occasion

Adorable Freddie

collage of baby photos

Baby Shower

Collage of Baby Shower

Get in Touch

Got a special moment in mind? A big event in the diary? Or a brand to grow? Drop me a message and we'll figure out the best way to capture it!