Shark Conservation Australia Partnership

We love sharks.

Top of the food chain, these apex predators are critical to the wellness of our marine eco-system. 

"Sharks have existed for more than 450 million years and are one of the only animals to have survived the 5 mass extinctions. Through their evolution, they have shaped our oceans into the rich and vibrant habitats we know today. Yet, despite this, sharks remain one of the most misunderstood species on the planet."


Sharks populations are being decimated by:

  • Habitat degradation, pollution and climate change
  • Shark nets & drum-lines
  • The use of shark in cosmetics
  • The shark finning trade
  • Flake & by-catch

To do our bit to help the plight of these incredible creatures, we've teamed up with Shark Conservation Australia and pledged to donate 5% of every sale to aide them in their fantastic efforts.

Grey Nurse Shark at Seal Rocks Tiger Shark in Ningaloo Reef