Video Library

The beauty of the ocean is in its movement - the hypnotising swirls of a bait-ball, the elegant dance of a humpback whale or the rhythmic motion of the swell pounding the shore.

Nothing captures the ocean's charm quite like a video! I've filled up a scary number of SD cards over the years in a bid to capture it, check out some of my ocean-worshipping, travel-addicted videos below.

Ankle Deep Alex Hunts in Shallows | March 2021

Cownose Carnival at Seal Rocks | January 2021

Seal Hunting Salmon at Bondi Beach | January 2021

Bondi Humpback and Dolphin Bonanza | September 2020

Majestic Sea Lion Hunting in Sydney | June 2020

Hammer in the Shallows | Hammerhead in NSW

Tail Power | Swimming Wallaby

Olive Ridley Turtle Rescue | Maldives

Sydney's Locals | Shark and Salmon Bonanza

Jumping for Joy | Humpback Whale Calf

Magical Maldives | A Montage

Sunday Dinner | Dolphins Devour Bait-ball

Majestic Morning Buffet | Seal Lion Dances with Huge Bait-ball