Escape to Nature | Photos from the Past Month of Sydney Lockdown

Escape to Nature | Photos from the Past Month of Sydney Lockdown

It’s a tough time for so many around Sydney at the moment so we’re beyond fortunate to have been treated some incredible shows of nature on the coast in the past month.

From sunrises and sunsets to whale and dolphin encounters in crystal clear waters it’s been a magical escape from the stresses of lockdown.

Look after yourselves, hopefully we’ll be able to share our beautiful coastline with those outside of the legal radius in the not-too-distant future 💙

Let me know your favourite!

3 Vs 3, Bondi

Dolphins on shore at Bondi

Bondi Burner, Bondi

Panoramic of Bondi Beach sunrise

Champagne Flow, Tamarama

Wave breaking at Tamarama Beach

Salmon with a Side if Surfer

Dolphin hunt salmon amongst surfers

Rock Pooling, Gordon's Bay

Gordon's Bay, Sydney

Gentle Giants, Bondi

Whales play with photographer at Bondi

Colours of Bondi, Bondi

Top-down photo of surfers in clear water

Tama Glama, Tamarama

Tamarama Beach on a sunny day

Rise & Slide, Bronte

Surfer at Sunrise at Bronte Beach

Flat as a Bath, Bronte

Bronte Baths at Sunrise

Carving the Cream, Bronte

Surfer at dawn in Bronte

Picking Holes, Tamarama

Seal chases salmon around surfers

Bathed in Colour, Bronte

Bronte Baths at Sunset

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