Locked Down in Blue Planet | Part II | Bottlenose Dolphin

Locked Down in Blue Planet | Part II | Bottlenose Dolphin

The past couple of years has been so tough for so many around the world.

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Here in Sydney we escaped the brunt of the 2020 pandemic and managed to live with relative normality. That all changed in June 2021, however, as the dreaded Delta strain made its way to our shores and plunged much of Australia into the longest lockdown yet.

Being privileged to live on the coast of Sydney (in Bronte) I found myself "stuck" in a 5km radius comprised largely of some of the ocean's most incredible inhabitants.

I've always had a burning passion for the wonders our oceans. BBC Earth and David Attenborough have been a constant fuel to that fire and their astonishing repertoire of documentaries has ever inspired me to get out there and do my best to capture the wild in all its glory.

Growing up in England, the otherworldly spectacles always seemed to be out of the reach of mere civilians but my move to Australia and the invention of flying cameras has made the impossible a reality.

Locked Down in Blue Planet was filmed within a 5km radius of Bronte Beach, in Sydney's eastern suburbs, and was created to bring attention to our beautiful marine world and away from the increasingly stressful COVID-19 environment.

This series is my first attempt at documentary film-making and focuses on three of Sydney's most famous marine-mammals.

The second episode in the series focuses on everyones favourite, the bottlenose dolphin.

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Spectacular! The last scenes with the dolphin herding the salmon toward the shore are amazing, and the long shadows cast by people on the beach almost make it surreal. Thank you Nick!

Mary Regan

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