After the Storm (Pano)
After the Storm (Pano)
After the Storm (Pano)

After the Storm (Pano)

Salty Sea Dog
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March 2021 brought NSW some of the heaviest and most persistent rain on record. For 7 days the state took shelter until two stunning mornings marked an end to the rain. The first was bright and foggy, the second was in the shape of this absolute colour bomb. Here it is in pano from the sky!

Bring some of mother nature's goodness into your home, printed on Fine Art Matte paper (290gsm), signed and available in multiple sizes and timber framing options. 

Find out more information about framing options, sizes & printing.

Size Image/Canvas size Frame Size
S 6x18" (15x46cm) 12x24" (30x61cm)
M 8x24" (20x61cm) 14x30" (36x76cm)
L 10x30" (25x76cm) 16x36" (41x91cm)
XL 14x42" (36x107cm) 20x48" (51x122cm)

The sizes are completely customisable, so if you want a different size to those listed, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm always open to questions so please send any enquiries through to