Jigsaw Puzzle | Iconic Icebergs

Jigsaw Puzzle | Iconic Icebergs

Salty Sea Dog
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Stuck inside? Longing for entertainment? Missing Sydney's beautiful coastline?

We have just the thing to help you keep your sanity as the devastating COVID-19 pandemic rips up our normality...a Salty Sea Dog jigsaw puzzle!

Featuring our most popular images, you can take your pick and make the choice between Puzzle Kook (260 pieces), Puzzle Novice (500 pieces), Puzzle Pro (1,000 pieces) and Puzzle Extraordinaire (2,000 pieces).

Sizes as per the below table (product image is for display purposes only).

Puzzle Kook 260
250mm X 340mm
Puzzle Novice 500
340mm X 480mm
Puzzle Pro 1,000
480mm X 680mm
Puzzle Extraordinaire 2,000
680mm X 960mm